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Swen Kählert was born in 1969 in Hamburg. He studied architecture at the HAW (university for applied siences) where he extended his artistic spectrum among other things studying with prof. Armin Sandig. In 1997 he recieved a scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Foundation and went for 9 months to Caracas/Venezuela designing public spaces and subway-stations at the Metro de Carcas. Since 2000 he dedicades himself to art, architecture and recently more and more to art in public spaces. Sporadically he also worked as a set designer. As an architect he always incorporates the space in his work. As a painter he acts like a scientist. Kaehlert creates with very diverse materials such as concrete, paint, wood, plastic, adhesive tape and even plants.

Angela Holzhauer/gallery holzhauer hamburg

Until now we think that nature is the foundation of our existence. Indeed it is, but it seems like this idea is fading - at least in a common sense. We are busy with searching for alternatives that work in a time when nature stops giving us room and proceeds without us. We try to optimize nature and don´t realize that it is already perfect. Nature does not need our help. There is something that is repeating itself, without any doubt, agian and again. We understand intuitively, feel safe and see the pattern behind the things. We feel that this is our environment, this is the planet we live on. Unnecessary to create a new one, far away from here, if we would simply accept us as a part living in symbiosis with the environment. An environment where every little detail matters. Nature is a good example that one thing is always based on another. It does not loose track, continuity and confidence leads it to a result. The accident is a welcome glitch in a system that might become to rigid. There is no end and no goal. There is only change. Perfection is now.

My work starts as painting and some of my pieces approach aspects of an object. Anyways I see them still as paintings. The process is based on painting and is a comparatively long one. Seen under natural circumstances everything happens in a kind of time lapse, certainly under conditions that apply to everything. A sort of universal rules. It is a logical conclusion that it turnes out in forms that remind us of natural things. I´m not looking desperately for this proximity, it just happens. Confidence in the subject and no fear of making mistakes is an important part of my work. Mostly my works proceed in an unexpected way. I decide out of the moment what comes next. I imagine nature is doing it in a similar way. That is the way how she can adapt to everything. The image of the result is not already clear in the very beginning. If we consider contemporary influences like GPS and 3-d-printing for instance, you could see my work as a new kind of landscape based paiting. I see analogies but I would not consider myself as a landscape painter. Maybe thinking in categories is more an obstacle than a gain of knowledge. For sure we can still learn from the beauty and perfection of nature. 

Swen Kaehlert

Individual Exhibitions

2017 ABOUT THE GROWTH OF COLOURS / FONIS-Galerie / Düsseldorf

2017 NETWORKS OF PANIC AND LONGING (with Arnaldo González) / gallery holzhauer hamburg

2016 DISH DASH / FONIS-Galerie / Düsseldorf

2015 HEAVEN IS A DISK / Museum Buxtehude

2014 CENTRIFICATION / installation/ galerie holzhauer hamburg

2012 NORTHPOLE SOUTHPOLE / installative painting / gallery holzhauer hamburg

2010 Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery / Berlin

Group Exhibitions

2018 CROWS AND ROIT / FONIS-gallery / Düsseldorf

2018 ARTIST BOOKS / galerie holzhauer hamburg

2017 THE FLYING JACKET / FONIS-gallery / Düsseldorf

2017 FLOATING ART / installation ISLAND / Museum Veijle Denmark

2017 CONCRETE DANCE / Kunstvoll Gallery / Hamburg

2017 Series CHANGE OF DIRECTIONS / MS Europa 2 / gallery holzhauer hamburg

2017 SURFING THE GREAT TSUNAMI / Collaborating exhibition project / Aarhus DK

2016 BONBONS UND BIER / heliumcowboy artspace / Hamburg

2016 FONIS-gallery / ANNIVERSARY / Düsseldorf

2016 TRACES OF MINIMALISM / heliumcowboy artspace / Hamburg

2015 FONIS-gallery / ART EVENT / Düsseldorf


2015 CASTLE IN THE AIR / installation in public space / altonale / Hamburg

2015 GRAND OPENING / Freitagsverein / Hamburg


2015 SPRING EQUINOX / Behaim 21 / Berlin

2014 ISLAND / installation in public space / Kunstflecken / Neumüster

2014 THE LESS YOU KNOW THE MORE YOU SEE / Westwerk / Hamburg

2014 Scholz-Sorger / München

2014 VELADA REMIX and gallery holzhauer hamburg / Bremer Kunstfühling / Bremen


2013 MILLERNTOR GALLERY OVERTIME / heliumcowboy artspace / Hamburg


2013 VELADA SANTA LUCIA / Maracaibo / Venezuela

2013 HOT 5 / painting and sculpture / gallery holzhauer hamburg

2012 EMERGING ARTISTS / Affordable Art Fair / Hamburg


2011 VELADA SANTA LUCIA / Maracaibo / Venezuela

2010 VANISHING LINES AND FLOWS / Cap San Diego / Hamburg

2010 TRANSFER: LUCK / Kunstmeile / Hamburg-Harburg



2014 Gewinner Kunstpreis Kunstflecken / Neumünster


2017 INSEL / Kopenhagen Magasin


2017 INSEL / A5 Magazine

2012 CALLE DE ARTE / ARTE-Dokumentation über die Velada Santa Lucia Venezuela

2006 ANTE;INTER;POST / VORN Magazin / Issue III /

Set Design

2009 PHOENIX FABRIC / Daniel Alexander Jones / NYC / USA

2007 PRESEVATION / Abi Basch / NYC / USA

2001 HOUSE OF DAVID / Vancouver / Canada